G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Review: What we Are Getting Part 1

By now everyone has seen the images of the 50th G.I. Joe Anniversary figures and accessories but what are we really getting? And why should you, as the collector get excited? We are going to break this down in the best way possible and hopefully fire some Joe fans up.

First things first, how do you feel about Toys R Us being the only outlet for these toys? Honestly this was only a matter of time. Joe is no stranger to Toys R Us and long-term fans know first hand how critical this is to the brand. I believe 1998 was the relaunch of ARAH and it did bring G.I. Joe back to the fold. Lets face it, retail has not been to kind to Joe but Toys R Us has been there.  Why should collectors embrace this move? If you take a look at the figures you will see something awesome. Most, if not all the figures are concept case figures and trust me, we will get back to that soon. To me, this opens the door for many other characters and vehicles coming to the house of the giraffe. If these sell well then expect more exclusives. The next movie is a few years away and while we wait for retail to embrace the Joes again, we might as well get stuff we want.

The figures:

Snow Job & BAT



Oh now these make me excited. The first 2 pack gives us some awesome figures; 1 re-release and the other a new concept. Snw Job was a tough find at retail and he comes with a ton of gear. Fans who missed him will be rewarded with a new winter deco B.A.T. Having a troop builder in this set is a win win and I know this one will be a tough find due to the demand. Hopefully TRU will keep this set in stock.

Blowtorch & Heat VIPER



Now this set is a pure win. Not only do we get another Blowtorch (yeah I know, this is the 3rd release) but the gem of the set is indeed the Heat Viper. This figure was only seen in the concept case at previous Joe Cons. We knew Hasbro worked on this guy and we also knew he became a lost figure. Anything that showed up in that case was dead in the water. Hasbro wanted to get this out to us, the fans because A- they knew we wanted him and B- they needed a way to get him out. Just look at him! We are getting a figure we all have wanted! I know I will need a bin just for all those extra Blowtorch figures.


Low-Light & Cobra Night-Viper



This set is the best by far. The reason why is we will get another shot at that Low-Light figure from the POC line. I personally only found one in the wild and I did not dare open him. Now I can AND I will also enjoy another Night Viper. If you read my review HERE on the site you know I loved this figure. Now my one man squad will be promoted to squad leader and these guys will fill in the ranks.


Lady Jay & The Baroness



Joe has to have some ladies in the line and we are getting 2 of the major players in this pack. Lady Jay is indeed a concept figure and if you ask me, she is the best interpretation of this character yet. I have no information on this version but I do know she is faithful to the original design. This also leads into the Baroness. She sorta reminds me of the ROC version but with a ARAH twist. Oh and if your counting, we have 2 figures from that concept case so far. Trust me, that tally will climb before we are done.

Cobra Trooper, Cobra Viper, Beach Head



Hasbro will be doing something differently with these packs. These packs will feature a 1 vs 2 scenario. The first pack up is Beach Head against two war harden Cobra troops. The Viper is yet another concept case figure brought to life and so is Beach Head. Oh and Beach Head looks perfect if you ask me. The Cobra Trooper is a reissue but a fan demanded reissue. This pack is fantastic to say the least. We are not only getting 2 unreleased figures but the pack is also an Army builder pack. Score one for the good guys!

Destro, Leather Neck and Hawk



To round out the first wave of figures we are looking at the heavy hitters of this wave. I know fans have clamored for a ARAH Leather Neck and we are getting it. This my friends is a thank you note from Hasbro. General Hawk and Destro look to be prefect in this pack. I know we have a ton of Destros but this looks to be the “ultimate” version of this character. Lets try and stop the bitching guys and for once, lets enjoy some awesome toys Hasbro is giving us. Just think about this, if we were a united group maybe, just maybe we would get more of these figures. Enough of the soapbox rant though, lets just look at what we will be getting soon enough. Oh and this is not all. We still have some vehicles to look at! More on that latter. I will end this report with this: I love G.I. Joe and I have since 1982. I am proud to collect and I will continue to support the fan base AND the company that produces these awesome toys. Yo Joe!!