Futurama Series 2 POPs & Dorbz

Funko is prepping a second series of Futurama POPs and this time we are getting some major characters. No collection is complete without Zoidberg and everyone needs the Professor. This entire line up looks to be solid. Also not to be outdone, we are getting our first series of Dorbz as well. Look for the chase Gold Bender as well. Read on for more. 

Good news, everyone! The second wave of Futurama Pop! figures are coming soon! The new additions include inventive Professor Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, the proud and ancient Nibbler, and incredibly vain Zapp Brannigan! Collect all four to complete your Planet Express crew!

Futurama Series 2 (1) Futurama Series 2 (2) Futurama Series 2 (3) Futurama Series 2 (4)

Dorbz: Futurama

In even better news, Futurama Dorbz are coming soon!

Planet Express delivery boy Fry and Captain Leela are joined by
Doctor Zoidberg and the illustrious bending robot Bender!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Gold Bender chase variant!

Futurama Dorbz (1) Futurama Dorbz (2) Futurama Dorbz (3) Futurama Dorbz (4)