Funko 2016 SDCC Exclusives: Wave One!

Funko has released the first wave of SDCC 2016 Exclusives! This set will see the release of the highly requested The Powerpuff Girls. This will be the first release and I know how much the fandom has wanted these. We are also getting a Green Goblin w/ Glider translucent glitter. That alone should make many fans thrilled with the prospects of scoring this one. Check out all the reveals below and look for more this week!

7012_Green_Goblin_Glider_hires_large 9481_Vanellope_Dorbz_Ride_hires_large 9549_Scott_Pilgrim_3_Pack_hires_large 9832_PPG_Blossom_GLAM_HiRes_5a9a9368-03b2-4446-b2c6-72a1de883224_large 9833_PPG_Bubbles_GLAM_HiRes_large 9834_PPG_Buttercup_GLAM_HiRes_large 10252_Batman_returns_3PACK_DORBZ_hires_large