Favorite Fan Effort Of 2018: The DC Continuity Project

As part of the very delayed best of 2018, I’m grouping the honorifics into categories that sometimes don’t get explored. The creation of efforts by fans to engage with their passions is a part of the history of comics. It goes back before the Internet with Amateur Press Associations and fanzines. In 2018 I discovered, completely by happenstance, a fan effort that has gone on since 2015, the DC Continuity Project.

Created by Matt Schultz, it looks at the current DC Universe as a repeating effort to streamline all of the various characters that the publisher has acquired over the years. Crisis on Infinite Earths was the first attempt to streamline the history of the DC Universe. Instead of trying to untangle this knot, as his puts it, the effort comes to be able to write it himself. There are dozens of entries. It’s exploring a cohesive timeline. It keeping intact many of the stories that have become the anchors of the DC Universe.

It is a time-waster, and my obsession with it began with the Legion of Super-Heroes. He shares my minor idea that some of the Legionnaires should be younger. Exploring the character entries, he essentially boils down each character to their essence.

He also goes with some of the most beloved versions of the characters. Barbara Gordon is Oracle. The effects of the Killing Joke remain, as it turned Barbara Gordon into a more effective member of the DC Pantheon than she ever was as Batgirl. His Superman story retains the marriage to Lois Lane. He even manages to keep Power Girl tied to Superman without negating Supergirl. It’s well thought out. As of the new year, it’s allowing for discussion. It’s also obvious that in writing one character, it becomes obvious how it’s going to affect other ones.

Overall, it’s fun and intriguing. At times, almost any fan that’s played this exercise can spot an idea that he or she has had. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll have the opportunity to interact with the community that is developing around this project.