Dream Girl: Needless Character Analysis

Dream Girl is one of those members of the Legion of Super-Heroes that becomes the center of almost every story she is involved in, no matter what version of the character it is. Of course, precognition is one of those powers that you almost have to write the story around, and it really wasn’t until Paul Levitz came on as the writer of Legion stories that we got to see Nura used to her fullest. Of course, Mark Waid did very well with his version of the character in the “threeboot” Legion as well. For the purpose of this article, I am restricting my coverage of the version of Dream Girl that existed in the Pre-Crisis DC Universe, up until the end of the third Legion series, Legion of Super-Heroes #63.

dreamgirlNura Nal was born the daughter of the High Seer of Naltor, a planet where everyone has the power of precognition, usually manifesting in dream-like visions. She inherited a powerfully strong ability from her mother, but her sister Mysa had no precognitive ability. After their mother died, Mysa left for the Sorcerer’s World and Nura began being trained by her successor, Beren, hopefully to one day take over as the High Seer of Naltor.

One day, Nura saw seven members of the Legion of Super-Heroes die in a horrific accident and set out to change events so her vision did not come true. Travelling to Earth, she joined the Legion under false pretenses and hatched an elaborate plan to save the seven members that she saw dying. She even used Naltoran science to change Lightning Lass’s powers so she could instead make objects weightless, prompting her to change her name to Light Lass. When it was revealed that what Nura had saw were robot doubles being destroyed, Nura revealed her deception and left the Legion to refine and hone her power.

In her brief time in the Legion, she and Star Boy had developed a crush on each other so strong that they could form a relationship with anyone else. This prompted a suitor of hers, Kenz Nuhor to attempt to kill Star Boy, but the Legionnaire killed him in self-defense. The Legion found that he killed needlessly and expelled him from the Legion. Dream Girl invited Star Boy to join her in the Legion of Substitute Heroes where they served together, developing their relationship. When a cloud of Kryptonite dust forced Supergirl and Superboy to resign, Dream Girl and Star Boy rejoined in disguise. After the problem was solved, they were allowed to stay in the Legion on their own merits. Dream Girl developed a reputation as a superficial woman and a huge flirt, but remained true to Star Boy.

When Dream Girl had a vision of the Legion battling Darkseid, she ran for leader in order to give the team a chance against him. She won, and using her visions, led the Legion to victory, but did not gain much respect among the membership, going through two deputy leaders before asking Star Boy to serve. In her time as leader, she added two new members, the second Invisible Kid and her own sister, the White Witch. After her term was up, she was elected Element Lad‘s Deputy Leader and led the Legion again as they searched for Element Lad and four other Legionnaires lost following battle with the Legion of Super-Villains.

Dream Girl’s constant flirting soon proved too much for Star Boy, and when asked to return to serve as his home world’s protector, he resigned. Dream Girl found herself one of four Legionnaires sent to a prison world  by Universo, where she drew the attention of Atmos, formerly the protector of Xanthu. Atmos pursued her to Earth, attempting to join the Legion until he used an innate ability to override other’s willpower to keep her in a relationship with him that eventually took her away from the Legion. Once she became aware, she left him and travelling with Star Boy to assist the Legion against the Archmage that destroyed the Sorcerer’s World and threw much of the universe into chaos by crashing it’s technology with magic.

Dream Girl was one of the most intelligent members of the Legion, and was actually left in charge of Brainiac 5‘s lab until she left the Legion with Atmos. She also was very eager in seeking combat training with Karate Kid, excelling at integrating her ability with a limited waking use of her powers. Her costume became one of the more iconic costumes on the team, going from a version of a white bathing suit to a reflective silver bodysuit. Granted, that bodysuit still retained the styling of a bathing suit, but became much more striking and looked more appropriate in the 31st century.

Dream Girl was shown to be competent, intelligent, resourceful, yet very free-spirited. Unfortunately, all of the development Paul Levitz had done to build up her character was undone with the relationship with Atmos. Making the relationship built upon his ability to override others’ own willpower could be constituted rape and thus reverts one of the strongest female Legionnaires into a victim, which was where we were left with the character for far too long. I prefer to remember her from her time as leader and deputy leader, where her flighty nature hid her intelligence and resolve that always came through. If you can find it, pick up Superboy and the Legion #230, which features Dream Girl taking charge of a small team that includes Superboy and Element Lad.

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