Dragon Con 2013: Day 4 It’s a Wrap!

It is done! Dragon Con 2013 is now one for the record books! What an amazing show this was; good costumes, good food and most important, good friends. This show is made for the fan boy/ girl and it shows. The fan tracks were incredible and the big panels were top notch (if you could get to em). This show is growing and I am looking forward to next year. For now check out our final gallery from Dragon Con 2013!!!!

IMG_1152_1024x683 IMG_1154_1024x683 IMG_1155_1024x683 IMG_1156_1024x683 IMG_1157_1024x683 IMG_1158_1024x683 IMG_1159_1024x683 IMG_1160_1024x683 IMG_1163_1024x683 IMG_1164_1024x683 IMG_1165_1024x683 IMG_1166_1024x683 IMG_1167_1024x683 IMG_1168_1024x683 IMG_1169_1024x683 IMG_1170_1024x683 IMG_1171_1024x683 IMG_1172_1024x683 IMG_1173_1024x683 IMG_1174_1024x683 IMG_1175_1024x683 IMG_1176_1024x683 IMG_1177_1024x683 IMG_1178_1024x683 IMG_1179_1024x683 IMG_1181_1024x683 IMG_1182_1024x683 IMG_1183_1024x683 IMG_1184_1024x683 IMG_1186_1024x683 IMG_1187_1024x683 IMG_1188_1024x683 IMG_1189_1024x683 IMG_1190_1024x683 IMG_1191_1024x683 IMG_1192_1024x683 IMG_1193_1024x683 IMG_1194_1024x683 IMG_1195_1024x683 IMG_1196_1024x683 IMG_1197_1024x683 IMG_1198_1024x683 IMG_1199_1024x683 IMG_1201_1024x683 IMG_1202_1024x683 IMG_1204_1024x683 IMG_1205_1024x683 IMG_1206_1024x683 IMG_1207_1024x683 IMG_1209_1024x683 IMG_1210_1024x683 IMG_1211_1024x683 IMG_1212_1024x683 IMG_1213_1024x683 IMG_1214_1024x683 IMG_1215_1024x683 IMG_1220_1024x683 IMG_1221_1024x683 IMG_1224_1024x683