Dr Who Series 2 POP’s and GI Joe POP’s Coming Soon!!!

With the first series of Dr Who POP’s circling Hot Topic as a pre-release exclusive, and with the general release a month or so away word is coming down of a second series of POP’s. This is a no brainer as a second series of POP’s was a guarantee. No word from Funko just yet but it looks like we are getting the following:


  • 9th Doctor
  • Rose Tyler
  • River Song
  • Jack Harkness
  • Silence
  • Sarah Jane
  • K-9

Now for some really cool news; GI Joe is getting the POP treatment! This is exciting but only look for core characters. If these sell well we could get more (I hope) and up for tap is:

  • Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow

Once we get some confirmation from Funko we will let you all know. This info comes from the GI Joe Discussion Group and the image I am not sure. Check it out below.