Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimates Update

The Luke’s Toy Store exclusive Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimate set is slated to be released in a little under a month from now but Luke’s Toy Store just revealed today what comes in their bonus kit when you buy 3 or more sets!


The bonus kit has 12 items consisting of sculpted pieces and custom stickers to accessorize and create alternate looks for all four of the Minimate figures in the set.


Lukes Bonus 01 Broken Vials

The first two parts are a couple of broken vials. While it seems these are made for the Lizard, they could be used for anyone really. Drop them in as lab debris or trash in an alleyway or even as a weapon in a bar fight.


Lukes Bonus 02 Serum Beaker

The next part is a cool beaker piece. As you can see in the picture, it already looks great in Doc Ock’s mechanical hand and could easily be used in a Lizard lab.


Lukes Bonus 03 Web Base

Rounding out the last of the sculpted pieces is possibly the coolest and most versatile piece in the whole set. The webbed base can have any Minimate head attached to it to make it appear that that character has been encased in a webbing cocoon!


Now for the stickers. I’ve used custom stickers from Luke’s Toy Store before and I have to say, they are high quality and look great on the finished product.


Lukes Bonus 04 Carnage Face

First, for Carnage we have an alternate angry face (Carnage can’t be all homicidal smiles all the time now can he?) and a transforming chest sticker to go with the Kasady head you get in the set.

Lukes Bonus 05 Carnage Chest


Lukes Bonus 06 Sandman Face

Sandman gets a first appearance face and a cool chest sticker to make it look like Spider-Man is punching into his chest!

Lukes Bonus 07 Sandman Chest


Lukes Bonus 09 Lizard Face

Lizard gets a transforming Connors face and torn up shirt sticker (Which seems a lot more likely than just having the end of your lab coat frayed a bit)

Lukes Bonus 08 Lizard Chest


Lukes Bonus 10 Doc Ock Face

And lastly we have Doctor Octopus. He gets two face decals. The first one is a more grim looking face than the official smiling face he comes with and the second one is a classic “Spidey just webbed my eyes and I’m mad as hell!” face

Lukes Bonus 11 Doc Ock Face



Given that you get this bonus kit if you buy 3 or more sets, you’ll definitely have enough base figures to use every one of these items. The Web Cocoon piece would be incentive enough for me to grab three sets and I will definitely be using many of these stickers, if not all of them!

You still have a little under a month before these sets arrive so you can get your preorders in here:

Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Minimate set

Lukes Toy Store