Dead Rising 4 Trailer

Frank West is back in the newest installment of our favorite goofy and over the top zombie game, Dead Rising 4. The Dead Rising games have always been very well received by the community as being a fun combination of Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil as if it were directed by comedians. With the mechanics of being able to make your own weapons by attaching chainsaws to shopping carts to mow down your enemies, Dead Rising 4 will surely not disappoint.

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The new trailer reveled a few new things that we are excited for. On top of being able to build the badass improvised weapons that I mentioned prior, it looks like exo-suits will be a new addition to the game allowing you jump higher, run faster, lift heavier objects, and punch harder. Taking pictures has also been a core mechanic to the this game and with the new selfie mode, it looks like this will be an opportunity to see some wacky pictures posted by players from all over. Pre-orders are available now and Dead Rising 4 is scheduled to be available just before Christmas.