DC’s Titans Trailer Gets Criticized For It’s Violent Tone.

Before we start with the kerfuffle over the DC’s Titans trailer from SDCC, let’s take a look at it. Be warned, it is very violent and does contain a little profanity.

There’s been almost universal criticism of this trailer and the dark tone it sets for a team best known for the past decade from a Cartoon Network series. It also depicts Robin as overly violent, even homicidal in his take-down of criminals. We also see that this ruthlessness doesn’t just sit with Robin, but see all of the Titans in violent action. The most shocking of which might be Dove, who’s traditionally the peaceful member of the Titans, resorting to violence as an absolute last resort.

Raven is a focus in this trailer, interacting with Dick Grayson and showing off some powers more in line with with her animated character. Beast Boy and Starfire get brief highlights in the trailer. Hawk and Dove get more time than either of those two. Given that viewers are probably more familiar with the characters from the animated series, that is understandable.

Given that the largest criticism of DC’s offerings has been the dark tone, this seems like a really odd direction to take this new series. As previously mentioned, these characters are currently the stars of a kids’ animated series and movie, it seems odd to make this the darkest of the television series.

Titans will debut later this year on the DC Universe streaming service.