DC Comics Cover Girls Virtual Checklist Plus New Images of Vixen!

Have you seen these DC Comics Cover Girls yet? If not check this out! DC Collectibles posted a virtual checklist of all 9 of the Cover Girls and they look awesome! Plus have you seen Vixen yet?

The DC Comics Cover Girls line of statues has been running strong for many years, most recently based on the gorgeous designs of Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.Launching back in August 2013 with Batgirl, we’ve since brought you Lau’s distinct take on Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Mera and more. 

Now, we’re very pleased to give you a close look at our newest of Stanley’s Cover Girls—Vixen.

Sculpted by Sam Greenwell, Vixen will be available in a limited edition of 5,200. She’s now available for pre-order at your favorite comic or specialty store, and will be in stores April 2015. Scroll through the gallery above for a close look at Ms. McCabe, then take a gander at our checklist below for the rest of the statues in the Lau line. There are nine in total. How many do you have?

dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_1_580_5411156b3e2237.66773317 dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_2_580_54111576132197.37529334 dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_3_580_54111581ab67c0.05420931 dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_4_580_54111592e5f798.53183315 dc_covergirls_vixen_statue_5_580_541115a785ca17.35180019 dc_cvr_girls_checklist_1200_54111696c21833.80326531