DC Collectibles at Toy Fair 2014

Dc unveiled some great upcoming toys for 2014. The Justice League series will see Batgirl and Supergirl to go along with the upcoming Nightwing, all will be in the New 52 style. Greg Capullo will see his artwork rendered in plastic with a line dedicated to his work in Batman. Batman, Damian, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood, Nightwing, Ultra-Suit Batman, Catwoman, Talon and The Riddler.

Arkham City will see the release of Clayface.

The Arrow two-pack of Green Arrow and Deathstroke. 

Little Gotham will see a wave of Batman, Damian, Joker, and Harley Quinn.

The prototypes of the Animated Series were front and center with Batman and Catwoman present at Toy Fair.

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