Dazzler To Appear In X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that Fox is going to try again to adapt the Dark Phoenix Saga into a feature film. The good news is that Dazzler will appear in it.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that one of the casting calls that went out was indeed for Dazzler, who will have a minor role in the film. The character made her comics debut at the beginning of the Dark Phoenix Saga when the X-Men discovered in a club at the same time as the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle. Offered membership, she turned it down, primarily because there were plans for Dazzler to have her own series as part of a cross-media promotion.

The Dark Phoenix Saga went on for at least nine issues, depending on how far back the storyline starts. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where because Jean Grey’s rising power levels were a slow and building subplot from writer Chris Claremont, going back three years. Fox is attempting once again to simplify it down to around two hours, making for some of the emotional attachment to the story to be lost. Adding Dazzler to the mix is another attempt by a studio to include as many characters as possible to appease as many fans as necessary. It’s a common tactic that studios seem to be employing in trying to drum up excitement for a project. What we’re not hearing about is the story, adapting one that heavily featured Wolverine, who apparently will not return due to Hugh Jackman’s expired contract.

Am I expecting great things from this film? Nope, it’s being written and directed by the guy who failed at adapting the Dark Phoenix Saga the first time. Am I excited to see Dazzler on the big screen finally? Given that the film is apparently set in the one era that Dazzler doesn’t work in, the 1990s, not really. The best that I’m hoping for is that it doesn’t poison the well once and for all.