Dazzler Music Video featuring Gentry Roth as Alison Blaire

This came across my Facebook feed today and it’s definitely worth watching. It’s a nice balance of capturing the 80s kitsch that was Dazzler in her pre X-Men days.  However, before I go too much into commenting on the video itself, let me give the credits.

Alison Blaire is played by actor/clown/musician Gentry Roth.
The costume is designed by Leetal Platt.
The video is directed by Arvin Bautista who also wrote it, edited it and provided the Special Effects.
The song is written by Arvin Bautista, Taiwo Heard, & Gentry Roth. It was produced & mixed by Taiwo Heard
The video’s producer is Stephen Curtis, with co-producer Taiwo Heard and associate producers  Leon Acord & John Rothenberg.
The video’s cinematographer is Kiko Suura.
Production design on the video is by Danielle Lee.

The video is just plain fun, and captures that early period of Dazzler’s career where she couldn’t catch a break, even when her life seemed awesome. The costume looks fantastic in the video even though there are nits that I could pic with it in the stills. It looks fantastic and really looks like it could make the transition from stage to action, which the comic version of it never did. Gentry Roth is a great Alison Blaire, and carries the role awesomely. The special effects are actually good, but the song itself is average, but adequately captures the time period of the mid 1980s. Also, since you’ve probably already seen the video, go back and watch it again and see if you can spot Longshot.

The song is a cheesy 80s pop song in it’s styling, and while I would balk at it today, it totally fits the genre Dazzler falls into and adds to the theory that her live performances were her strong suit, and without the flashy special effects from her mutant powers, she wasn’t about to set the music industry on fire. Gentry Roth’s vocals are the high point of the song for me, and totally carries her performance as Dazzler. It says a lot when your cosplay video’s weakest element is that the base song is average for the time period that you’re portraying.

I totally love when cosplay makes the transition into video and this is the latest case where it was used to it’s fullest effect. It’s also obvious just from the video how much love of the character went into this. Well done, guys! Before we go, here are some stills from the tumblr set up for the video.

 tumblr_n8ieywouND1tgypzko1_1280 tumblr_n8if7euFFX1tgypzko1_1280 tumblr_n8kni6hd0K1tgypzko1_1280