Cover Gallery – Saga Of Crystar, Crystal Warrior

Published by Marvel from 1983- 1985, Saga of Crystar was a comic book series created to tie into a toy line. Overall, the comic was atrocious, but it did feature some fantastic covers, most of which were done by Michael Golden. Golden provided some of the best covers of the 1980s.

As you can tell from the covers, it tied into the main Marvel Universe with guest appearances by Doctor Strange, Nightcrawer and Alpha Flight. Unlike other toy tie-in series like Micronauts and ROM, the series did not affect outside titles in any significant way. Also unlike those series, Marvel wholly owned Crystar (source) and could relaunch the series if ever the opportunity or inclination arose. The characters even appeared in the Secret Wars mini-series Weirdworld. Unfortunately, the series is almost painfully bad with the only high point being the covers for issues 3-10.

In case you’re wondering the series revolved around the realm of Crystalium and the twin princes who are at war with each other. Wizards get involved and one side is transformed into crystal warriors and the other into magma men. That’s about as complex as it gets. For a series that could have dictated the direction of a toy line, instead of the usual other way around, it’s almost sad at the wasted potential this series had.

Nevertheless, there were some awesome covers.