Cover Gallery: Archie #1 Variant Covers

Along with the preview for Archie #1 came a gallery of the various variant covers for the premier issue. For your enjoyment, here is a full gallery including the retailer variants we shared a few weeks ago.

 Archie2015_01-0  Archie2015_01-0V-Campbell Archie2015_01-0V-Concention2
Regular Cover by Fiona Staples Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell Convention Variant by Fiona Staples
Archie2015_01-0V-Convention1  Archie2015_01-0V-Coover Archie2015_01-0V-DelRio
Convention Variant by Fiona Staples Variant Cover by Colleen Coover Variant by Tania del Rio
 Archie2015_01-0V-Eismavar Archie2015_01-0V-FF Archie2015_01-0V-Gaydos
Variant Cover by Joe Eisma Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover by Michael Gaydos
 Archie2015_01-0V-Genev Archie2015_01-0V-Greene Archie2015_01-0V-Hack
Variant Cover by Genevieve F.T. Variant Cover by Sanford Greene Variant Cover by Robert Hack & Steve Downer
Archie2015_01-0V-Haspiel Archie2015_01-0V-Mac Archie2015_01-0V-Moritat
Variant Cover by Dean Haspiel Variant Cover by David Mack Variant Cover by Moritat
 Archie2015_01-0V-Norton Archie2015_01-0V-Ordway Archie2015_01-0V-Perez
Variant Cover by Mike Norton Variant Cover by Jerry Ordway & Jose Villarubia Variant Cover by Ramon K. Perez
Archie2015_01-0V-Salas Archie2015_01-0V-Scott Archie2015_01-0V-Tristan
Variant Cover by Ron Salas Variant Cover by Greg Scott & Steve Downer Variant Cover by T. Rex & Andre Szymanowicz
 Archie2015_01-0V-Williams Archie2015_01-0V-Zdarsky Archie2015_01-0V-sketch
Variant Cover by Brittney Williams Variant Cover by Chip Zdarsky Sketch Cover Variant


Archie#1Amazing Archie#1AtlantisFntsyWrld
Acme Comics Variant by Dan dos Santos Amazing Stories Variant by Tom Grummett (Rosario “Tito” Peña on colors) Atlantis Fantasyworld Variant by Scott Shaw (Rosario “Tito” Peña on colors)
Archie#1AwYeah_Downtown Archie#1Bedrock Archie#1BksMillion
Aw Yeah Comics! / Downtown Comics Variant by Art Baltazar Bedrock Comics Variant by Terry Moore (Brian Miller of Hi-Fi on Colors) Books-A-Million/2nd & Charles Variant by Kate Leth
Archie#1Curious Archie#1DynForcesColor Archie#1DynForcesBW
Curious Comics Variant by Dan Schoening (Luis Delgado on Colors) Dynamic Forces Variant by Jae Lee Dynamic Forces B&W Variant by Jae Lee
Archie#1FourGrail Archie#1Hastings Archie#1M&M1
Four Color Grails Variant by Jamie Tyndall Hastings Variant by Brent Peeples M&M Comic Service #1 Variant by Chris Foreman (Kris Asbeck on colors)
Archie#1M&M2 Archie#1Midtown Archie#1MileHigh
M&M Comic Service #2 Variant by Dave Dorman Midtown Comics Variant Cover by Cameron Stewart Mile High Comics Variant by Rich Koslowski
Archie#1Newbury Archie#1RoyalColl
Newbury Comics Variant by Peter Bagge  Royal Collectibles Variant by Rafael Albuquerque