Comics Christmas Shopping Suggestions: Day Twenty-Three

Between now and Christmas, every day we’ll highlight a suggestion for gift giving. All of these suggestions will be comics-themed, and every day will see one featured.

For Day Twenty-Three, you’re behind the eight ball here. It’s time to go big.

muppetsomnibusOMNIBUS EDITIONS

Omnibuses are huge hardcover collections and they are pricey, but have a beautiful presentation and usually contain extras. While many publishers do them, Marvel and DC do a lot, due to their decades of stories to draw upon, with Marvel putting out 19 last year, including 4 Deadpool Omnibus Collections. Depending on what your local comic shop still has in stock, you should be able to find something for just about any mainstream comic fan on your list. Heck, this year Marvel even released the Muppets Omnibus, collecting Roger Langridge’s astounding run with the characters. The only one I would recommend waiting for bargain prices on is Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Omnibus which has no cohesive theme except for each issue reprinted being a key comic in the Marvel publishing schedule from their history, primarily from the Silver Age.

JSA_Omnibus_Vol._1_HCDC has Omnibus Editions as well, but most people remember them as Absolute Editions, a title that has been almost been retired. Again, because of the price point, many comic shops have some that were published many months ago, and many of their best series and storylines have been collected. My personal choice would be for a copy of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus, published in four parts, if you can find them. Frankly any Jack Kirby Omnibus is worth it’s cover price. Again, many were published a long time ago, but I’ve seen five year old editions still in a comic shop, so my advice on an Omnibus is to walk into a comic shop and see what’s there. Know the person that you’re buying for, and if you’re in their preferred shop, ask for help, because they just might know what he collects from his subscription folder and can help.

(Image Sources: Marvel, DC)