Comics Christmas Shopping Suggestions: Day Thirteen

Between now and Christmas, every day we’ll highlight a suggestion for gift giving. All of these suggestions will be comics-themed, and every day will see one featured.

For Day Thirteen,we’re getting a little original and personal for ideas on what to give.


Back in June, my wife treated me to what we have since started referring to as the “Grand Tour” of comic shops in our area. While I was brainstorming ideas of suggestions for the Holidays, she reminded me of my Father’s Day present this year. It doesn’t need to be that hard to put together. The first step is to go to the Comic Shop Locator and see what shops are in your immediate area.I would suggest also checking zip codes within driving distance, specifically larger cities. Searching for comic books on Google Maps can also help, but requires verification. That’s why my wife then actually called the shops listed to be certain that they were still open. Then it’s just a matter of plotting the route.

Formulate a budget for this trip accordingly, and don’t blow the entire budget at your first stop. You should certainly buy something at every shop and try to engage the staff at every stop. You may find yourself with a new regular shop to get your weekly fix at or a new place to stop by every so often to pick up stuff that you may miss at your local comic shop. As collectors, we get set with our favorite local store and don’t branch out from it. In cities with more than one store, a sense of rivalry starts to develop and exposure to new shops lessens even more. Urge the comic fan on your shopping list to branch out with a Grand Tour.

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