Comic Lover’s Wife – The Geek Is Strong With This One.

It’s true.  My five year old daughter knows more about comic books than I do, and I have been married to a former comic book broker and all around comics encyclopedia for almost a decade now.

My husband has been grooming our little girl to be a next gen comic book geek since birth. It started when she was one and her first trip to the large comic book convention they hold here in Charlotte every year.  She looked so cute in her little costume. She loved the attention and had a fun outing with Daddy.  They have continued this tradition every year now and she loves it even more. (She has been Yoda, She-Ra, Terra from the Teen Titans, Saturn Girl and Super Girl). As she has gotten older, the cons give him a chance to let her see the comics community come together.  He makes it more than just shopping, as he points out all the cosplay folks and explains who they are dressed as and their major story arcs. They also go around to meet the artists and show her how they make the books and art. It is a special day for both of them and was just the beginning of an ongoing love for comics.

For her entire life, we have also gone on adventures in the region to find and visit all the comic book shops we could.  At first, I would saunter around the shops just glancing at stuff and killing time until my husband finished digging through boxes. (We would go explore the local area after the visit to the shop and that was mostly the reason I looked forward to the trips.) Our daughter would happily totter along and look at all the cool toys.  Comic book shops are heaven for small kids-so much to look at. Then, as she got older and started asking questions, my husband would spend his time telling her who was who and what their books were about.  While it was still not my gig, I had fun watching them interact and I even learned a lot too.

The next phase was starting her collection. As we would visit shops, even before she could read, she started finding the kids section of the stores and the books that were aimed at her young age. At two, we started letting her look at the comic books available and picking a few to read to/with her before bed or as her hang out time with Daddy.  Due to the number of shops we have visited, she has already started a small collection of children’s comics.  She has filled a couple of the storage boxes and loves to go hunting for books. Some of the books from when she was very young did not survive without a curled cover, or even no cover, but she loves them none the less and still reads them.  The trips we did became much more fun for me too as we spent time looking at things together while Daddy scoured the place for the books he needed for his collection. Our daughter has always loved reading and some of that is due to comics.  Kids have to have an interest in what they read. Comics have fun, bright pictures and varying amounts of text that advanced as her reading did.  I would strongly encourage any comic lover to start reading comics to/with their child as soon as possible.

This led to the final stage of her comic book training…the long boxes.  Within the last year, when we visit a shop she has started going through the long boxes of bargain books right next to her Daddy. He gets a big smile on his face when he glances over and she is flipping through the box for fun back issues.  She will get really excited when she finds an old Disney book or such that catches her fancy. She pulls it out, asks him if it is OK to have it and starts her pile. They discuss each book she wants and what made her choose it. Most of the time it is the fun art on the cover, but sometimes she tells us that she has a book like it and wanted to read another one.  I ask her what they are about and she loves explaining the stories to me. You have not lived until you get a comic book lecture from a five year old. 

Along the way, this love of comics and pop culture has turned our daughter into an official little geek. From Star Wars and Adventure Time to POP! figures and Pez dispensers in the shape of the Muppets, our little girl is well on her way to becoming what the comic book industry really needs…the next generation of comic book lover and all around geek.