Comic Lover’s Wife: Libraries And Comics

I was online recently checking to see if anyone in our region had a new comic book exhibit to go to. We love to adventure and every once in a while you can catch one of the museums or colleges doing a comic book exhibit.
While I was browsing, I was really surprised at just how many colleges and larger public libraries have a comic book collection. They varied in how big and how old their books were, but I was still excited to see so many institutions starting to catch on that comic books are an art form and cultural phenomenon that deserved to be collected and preserved.

Due to the age, fragility or value of some of the books, most of the sites I searched indicated that the books were available through a special collections request. Some were available for research project use only and not general request, but several allowed general requests. At least 2 of the schools I looked at had comics available on microfiche for anyone to request the use of and even print off the pages from the fiche readers. For the young folks reading this, before digital scanning microfiche used to be the way they captured images of items on special films before destroying or otherwise getting rid of an item. This way they had a record of them, but did not have to store the actual items.

I would encourage anyone to check out the library site for your local colleges and public libraries. You might be pleasantly surprised! Below are just a few links to some of the schools I found during my search.