Check out This Transformer’s Collection….Absolutely Amazing!!

As we prepare for our first Collectors Showcase presentation (it is coming, I promise) I wanted to take a moment and show off this collection. This has to be the most spectacular boxed Transformers’s collection I have ever seen. Check out these beautiful boxed bots and start to drool. ┬áThis collection is owned by 20th Century Toy Collector and you can find his page here!

This whole set up brings a tear to my eye. Not only did he build an amazing collection he transformed it into a personal toy store. How frigging cool is that? This idea is officially stolen as one day I will turn my collection into a personal KB Toys. Now if you excuse me I must get to planning this event……now where is that ruler…..

20tc-collection-room 20tc-collection-room-2 20tc-collection-room-4 20tc-collection-room-5 20tc-collection-room-6