Charticon 2013! Transformers Galore!

Hey Transfans, did you catch the Transformers show in Charlotte this weekend? I sure hope you did because it was an amazing show. Charticon is a new Transformer show (hosted in Charlotte NC) that took many by surprise. Most new cons suffer from the “new” factor as I call it but not this one. I do believe the attendance and  overall fan reaction took the guys behind the show by surprise.

Charticon not only had a nice turnout; it had show exclusives that looked like the real thing (see gallery). Most small cons offer something in a way of an exclusive but this show reminded me of a BotCon with the level of detail that went into the exclusives. Unfortunately, I was late today and missed out but I was able to see one up close.  Kudos to the guys and gals behind this and I hope to see more down the road.

Besides exclusives you had panels that covered many aspects of the hobby. From what I hear the IDW panel was killer and the trivia was exciting. They also had voice actors in attendance and they were a huge hit. This show offered everything a major con has plus more. I guess I am still stoked about the event and I might be a tad biased. Bottom line, the show was awesome and  I hope to be involved at some level come 2015. From what I hear, this show will be bi-annual as the promoter does not want to water it down. Of course this is just talk and an official announcement will come latter. All I know is they will have some work to do to top this year and I wish them luck.  If your in the Charlotte area tomorrow the show will still be roaring as it is a 3 day show. Doors open at 9am and close at 4pm. Check it out! Also be on the look out for a full wrap up by our own Ronnie Dean.

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