Captain Action 3.75″ Action Figure Announcement!

ZICA Toys (The guys who gave us 3 3/4″ Six Million Dollar Man figures) Just announced their next line, Captain Action!

In a Facebook post earlier today, ZICA Toys announced that they are just getting started on a 3 3/4″ Captain Action line. The figures in the first release will be Captain Action, Action Boy, Dr. Evil and the Silver Streak.

What’s even more interesting is that unlike other retro themed 3 3/4″ figures out there, ZICA will not be sticking to the 5 POA style their Six Million Dollar Man figures were. With the Captain Action line, they are going to make them in the “classic 80’s Hasbro G.I. Joe style” However, ZICA Toys has mentioned that these figures will have the same articulation of GI Joe but they will not have O-Rings.

Color me very intrigued about this new toyline.


You can see ZICA Toys’ announcement on their Facebook page here