Brian Michael Bendis Teases 2019 Projects

For the new year, writer Brian Michael Bendis sent out ten teaser images for projects upcoming in 2019. Bendis left Marvel for DC Comics in 2018, and immediately set out to make his presence felt on the flagship Superman title Action Comics.  Below are the ten images, with identifiers of what they are.

Batman Beyond Wonder Woman Kamandi #29 Detail Lois Lane #114 Detail
(featuring Rose & Thorn)
Batman #18 Detail
(by Alex Maleev)

Legion of Super-
Heroes logo

Wildfire from LOSH Johnny Thunder? Superboy (Jonathan Kent)

The big news that everyone is pulling from this is a return of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion has been mostly absent since their title was cancelled in 2013. They have had appearances in crossovers outside of regular DC continuity, and a storyline in Justice League United. Saturn Girl has been a semi-regular supporting character in Doomsday Clock. There is speculation that Doomsday Clock, often delayed, will set-up a relaunch for the Legion and the Justice Society, missing since the launch of the New 52. Some of these teaser images will tie into Bendis’s work on Action Comics or other titles planned for 2019.

However, as always with DC Comics, until a formal announcement is made by the publisher, anything said about these images is just speculation. Bendis may reveal more on his Instagram.