Boom! Studios Presents Hit #3 & SuicideRisk #7

New Comic Book day is upon us. Look for these two titles and more tomorrow at your local comic shop. I saw both of these issues today and they look incredible. For your viewing pleasure we present you previews to both Hit and SuicideRisk.

Hit #3

As the noose slowly tightens, Slater is left with a choice: does he give in to Blair’s sadistic demands and rejoin the Hit Squad, or does he take action against the East Coast mafia to save Bonnie? But really, he doesn’t have much of a choice at all…

Hit_03_preview_Page_1 Hit_03_preview_Page_2 Hit_03_preview_Page_3 Hit_03_preview_Page_4 Hit_03_preview_Page_5 Hit_03_preview_Page_6 Hit_03_preview_Page_7

With the Nightmare Crew’s true plan revealed, Leo Winters must test the very limits of his burgeoning power to stop them — but will using his powers play right into their hands? Or, cause an even bigger tragedy than the one Leo’s putting so much at risk trying to stop?

SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_1 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_2 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_3 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_4 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_5 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_6 SuicideRisk_07_preview_Page_7