Bill Sienkiewicz 1980s Cover Gallery

It’s been a while since we’ve run a cover gallery, but since no single series is really hitting us and requiring a really great cover gallery, we thought we’d focus instead on a single artist. There’s one artist that has shown up in a few of our cover galleries, Bill Sienkiewicz.

In the 1980s, Bill Sienkiewicz broke into comics, firstĀ gaining broad attention on Moon Knight, but by 1984, had moved to New Mutants. On that title, his painted covers showed his experimentation and new, more expressive style. This led to work on covers for many, many Marvel titles in the 1980s, but ending the decade working for DC Comics on The Shadow.Ā It’s his most prolific time in his career.

The gallery below is just some of his more artistic covers. They show off how groundbreaking his work was almost thirty years ago. Consider that when you see his work today.

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