Best Comics (?) of 2017 – Part Three

Instead of fake awards, and highlighting news for the past year, which seemed to consist almost entirely of people complaining online about one thing or another. Instead of trying to come up with lists of things that I enjoyed, which will most likely embarrass me to look at in a few years, I’m going to hit on a few things from the past year that I thought were worth looking back on with some fondness.

These are the best of 2017.

I made an error in naming this list “Best Comics of 2017.” This item is not a comic book, but published by Dynamite Entertainment and an actual book, it falls into this realm.

I first mentioned this book in February, when Dynamite released it as the follow up to The Art of Atari, which was a fabulous art book chronicling the artistic legacy of Atari. With the poster book, we get larger images in their full glory. For fans of video games, illustration, and art. This is part of the chronicle of pop culture, and something not just for gamers. 

Art of Atari Poster Collection

Curator: Tim Lapetino
FC | 40 pages 

The artwork of Atari inspired a generation and created a bridge from the simple on-screen graphics of its early games to the imaginations of eager gamers.

Now, Dynamite Entertainment proudly brings the most iconic, mind-blowing video game illustrations to posters, each one easy to remove and perfect for display, showcasing the tremendous talent of Atari’s greatest artists!

“I’m thrilled that we are able to make the classic artwork of Atari available to fans and art aficionados in a new form,” Lapetino says. “It’s great to be able to showcase and enjoy the amazing artwork in this larger format, and it’s what fans have been clamoring for since I began researching Atari.”

“When Dynamite released the much-anticipated Art of Atari last year, its vivid imagery of yesteryear’s console classics clearly struck up fond memories in a generation of gamers,” says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “We’ve seen hundreds of fans on social media enthusiastically reviewing the book and, more importantly, celebrating its long-lost fantastic artwork. The Atari Poster Book will fulfill the collective desire of the Atari generation to admire this artwork in an even larger format, something they can proudly display as their favorite youthful pasttime.”

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