Batman Beyond Unlimited Review

Batman Beyond was the Bat character set of my 90s adolescence. Sure, the earlier Timm Batman Animated was legendary, but I dug the futuristic Bats. I’ve been a fan of the resurgence comics featuring those characters. New adventures. New characters. New daring future!I don’t want to repeat myself over and over as I look at this run, but this book is fun and a great value at 48 pages for $3.99. Multiple story arcs in each issue is fun–and are being collected in separate trades.

The art isn’t always my favorite because I want it to look like the cartoons, but the story picks up after the series and Justice League Unlimited left off.

Excellent overall.

I don’t read digital comics often, but the digital first publishing doesn’t seem to be slowing this print comic down.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #15

Official: Superman’s resolve is tested as the Trillian civil war reaches its climax!  The Justice League attempts to uncover the truth about the mysterious “Brain Trust!”  After the shocking revelations in the last issue, a brand-new threat emerges for Batman!

Review: I’m just not a huge Superman fan. Watching the aged Supes deal with the mortality of his friends and adopted family is fun in Batman Beyond. The return of a Luthor was fun, but when Superman left Earth again and went forcibly back to Trilla this story became interesting. I like watching Superman deal with a past mistake. That boy scout needs to do that from time to time in order to stay interesting.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #16

Official: In “Batman Beyond,” Terry squares off against the sinister Shriek, while Max uncovers the shocking truth about Undercloud. Plus: The Justice League continues the search for Kai-Ro, and you won’t believe who’s coming to the rescue in “Superman Beyond”!


Cover by: Norm Breyfogle
Review: I love when “classic” Beyond villains show up like Shriek.  Although it is nice when they rework the classic characters like they have in the 10,000 Clowns/Jokerz storyline, watching Shriek do his thing is just fun. One of the strengths of the show was mixing old and new. I’m glad the comic kept that going.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #17


The plot thickens in Batman Beyond as Undercloud’s plan comes to light! Plus, The Justice League’s new ally is revealed, and don’t miss the epic conclusion of Superman Beyond!


Reviews: I always wanted Max as a Robin figure. So, watching her embark on her own separate adventure has been a slow build but a nice pay off. Oddly, Starfire may be wearing the most conservative outfit of her career. Is she finally growing up from the space bathing suits?

Batman Beyond Unlimited #18

BBU 18Official:

The shocking finale of the “Undercloud” storyline is here! Plus, when an all-new Batgirl pops up in Neo-Gotham, it’s up to former Commissioner Barbara Gordon to decide if she’s friend or foe! DIGITAL FIRST!

Cover by: Annie Wu
Page Count: 48
U.S. Price: 3.99
On Sale Date: Jul 17 2013
Reviews: Barbara Gordon finally sees value in taking on her own ward! Metal Men! This issue has fewer character bios than other issues but it does more than wrap up story lines.
BBU 10This is a book that I look forward to every month. It is probably not coincidental that the only DC books in my pull bag have nothing to do with the Newest 52 Reboot. Batman Beyond exists outside of seemingly all DC continuities but pulls in nods and winks well. This series has alluded to Death in the Family and the Nolan films during its run.
My only complaint has been that I want to see more original characters. I like checking in with the JL and Bat crews to see what is happening in their future selves, but I want to see more original characters spring up. It’s happening, but most of the stories are relying on the tried and true classics. Vigilante needs more time in future issues. He has a nice back story but has so far been a throw away character during the Joker Night Brawl.
I can’t wait to see what happens next in Batman Beyond Universe! August 21, September 13, and October 16, 2013 need to hurry up and bring me my comics from the future!

Batman Beyond Universe #1

BM-BY-UNI-1_9w9g4r8ant__0Official: The new series begins here with all-new creative teams and all-new adventure!

Now a freshman at Gotham University, Terry McGinnis’s role as Batman threatens his education and his life as a teenager. And when the Mayor is murdered, Terry’s life is thrown into even greater turmoil! Meanwhile, the Justice League must stop Superman when his powers rage out of control!


Cover by: Sean Murphy
Variant Cover by: Rafael Albuquerque


Official: Batman is stretched thin when a breakout at the new Arkham Institute puts his greatest foes back on the streets! Plus: One of Superman’s greatest foes returns! You do NOT want to miss this!


Official: As Superman journeys into the mists of the Phantom Zone, the rest of the Justice League squares off against an army of rogue Superman robots! Plus, who is the powerful and mysterious Rewire? And what twisted plans does he have for Batman?
Hopes & Fears: The new creative team seems solid with Kyle Higgins and Christos Gage continuing the story. Terry has been questioning his longevity under the cowl for quite a few issues. Bruce has become more of a father figure than ever for Terry and several other surprising people in the past few issues. Hopefully that will continue. Terry going to college makes sense. Runaway Superman stories can be fun but that has already went Starro in the cartoon so do I really need to see it again?
Only time will tell how the future of this future comic will turn out. Tune in to your local comic shop in August to find out for yourself!