Baltimore Comic Con Day 1

What a day gang, what a show! If there is a show that can surprise you it is Baltimore. This is not your average con, these fans come to shop and they take this seriously. Cosplay is big here and everyone I talked too loved it. This is one show to keep an eye on down the road. I know that next year we are looking at 3 days compared to 2 day this year; they need it. Fans lined up all the way to 4PM today just to get in the building. The line wrapped around the convention center twice and no one really complained. Some of the big publishers are here: Boom, IDW, DC and some more. You also have the guys from Comic Book Men here. This is the real deal and I really think once this shows goes to 3 days it will rank in the top 10 shows in the country. For now enjoy the small selection of pics from the floor (sorry we were busy today) AND if your a comic guy, check out the cases that held well over a million dollars in comic books. Look for our final report on Tuesday!

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