Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Toy News

Next month Avengers2: Age of Ultron toys should start hitting and we’ve got a look at some of the toys that will be out.

It appears that Hasbro is going ahead with two different scaled lines for Age of Ultron, a 12″ Titan Hero Tech line and a 2.5″ line full of figures, vehicles and playsets. It’s unclear if there will be a Marvel Legends line, but I’m sure we’ll find out for sure next month at Toy Fair.


Age of Ultron Titan 01

First up, the 12″ Titan Hero Tech line. These are 12″ tall figures with limited posability (5 Points of Articulation, I believe) and electronic features. We have Hulk, Thor, the new Captain America costume and Iron Man in his Mark 43 suit. These figure will retail for $20 each.

Age of Ultron Titan 02

Also included in this line is the Titan Hero Tech Hulkbuster Iron Man. This figure features Repulsor chest lights and a Jackhammer punch. Hulkbuster will retail for $35


The 2.5″ line is similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy line that is at retail right now. Hasbro has expanded this line for the Avengers.

Age of Ultron Miniature 01

First up, there will be figure two packs that include a hero figure and a Sub-Ultron figure. The Sub-Ultrons are minions of Ultron that can be taken apart and combined with other parts into larger robots. The two packs will retail for $6 each.


Age of Ultron Miniature 02

A step up from the two pack sets are deluxe sets like this Captain America and War Machine set. It would seem that each set comes with a small vehicle and will retail for $10.


Age of Ultron Miniature 05

Like the Guardians of the Galaxy line, there is a large vehicle in the Avengers2: Age of Ultron 2.5″ line. This time we’re getting a Cycle Blast Quinjet. As the name suggests, the Quinjet can shoot out a motorcycle with Captain America on it. The Quinjet will retail for $30


Age of Ultron Miniature 03

There are also a few small playsets for this line like the Hulkbuster Break Out set seen above. The playsets appear to come with two figures and have some play features built in. There are three playsets in the line: Hulkbuster Break Out, Iron Man Lab Defense & Captain America Tower Defense. All 3 retail for $20 each

Age of Ultron Miniature 04


Age of Ultron Miniature 06

What’s special about this whole line of toys is that the three playsets can all be combined into an Avengers HQ playset that will feature a landing pad for the Cycle Blast Quinjet.