Ask DST #224: Minimates and More Minimates!

It’s an all-new Ask DST with the director of DST, DSTChuck! This week, Chuck is answering all of your questions about Minimates, and the questions (and this column!) are anything but mini!

Mike P.
Hello DST,
My name is Mike. I have been collecting Minimates for some time now. I have enjoyed all the new ideas and concepts for the Marvel Minimates. I had an idea for a new series of Minimates. I think that you should make Power Rangers Minimates starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This would be a good idea considering this year is the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers. I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Right how we have no plans for Power Rangers, but it’s a long standing property so you never know.

Eli B.
I like your Minimates a lot especially star trek and the walking dead. you have only made Picard and a handful of borgs for TNG Minimates you should make some more, like a whole series maybe? i know its in your license because you’ve made should also make a shuttle craft to go with my enterprise. can u make Simpsons Minimates like a box set
thank you

DSTChuck: Right now we’re in a wait and see for the Trek Minimates it’s possible we could make more but if we did it would be more like what you saw in the Legacy wave – a mix of licenses. No plans for Simpsons, sorry.

Matt K.
Hello DST Folks
Since series 50′s soon to be here, will we be seeing other characters like the spikey Thing or savage grey hulk in the near future? How about other polls? Like an Inferno box set or a Scourge box set??
Im super excited about the update on Absorbing Man! With that does that mean well be seeing an updated sandman or hydroman? Possibly a Sandman/Hydroman 2 pack that makes Mudman? Also, Its awesome that the mrvel zombies are out. Does this mean more villian 2 packs on the way? I have a few more questions, but cant remember right now, sooo Have a great day!

DSTChuck: I don’t think any of the ones that did not make the 50th are scheduled yet but they might be. I think there is a very good chance we’ll do more zombies down the road.

Herv I.
Are there any plans for a Anya Corazon spidergirl minimate?

DSTChuck: Not as of now but 2014 is not all set yet.

Jason G.
hey guys, I was wondering would you guys consider making Minimates for chamber from x men or sunspot, also would you consider making Minimate for the new infamous game maybe delsin rowe, also I would like to know if u guys r doing Minimates for the new x men movie and the guardians of the galaxy movie

DSTChuck: It’s too early to say about the new movies. Hopefully we’ll get word from Marvel soon. No Chamber or Sunspot planned at this moment.

Lance V.
Super fan, love Minimates, been on board since marvel wave 1, and invincible Minimates=dream come true. One thought, the feet are always dropping out of my mates, have you ever considered a ball joint for the ankles (already have them at hips and shoulders)?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve ever looked at ball joints but I do know the guys are always looking over joints and thinking of ways to make them work better.

Dylan F.
Why don’t you make a carnage through through the ages, it has never been done before, so I though it would be a good idea.
Why don’t you make carnage pack with carnage unleashed, carnage(Cletus Kasady),carnage(Gwen Stacy), and carnage(Ultimate) or spider- carnage

DSTChuck: I think a Carnage box set might be a pretty cool idea. We’ll have to see what the future holds.

Karen L.
Hello! Is there any possibility that Blade Runner Minimates would go to production? I am so desperate to purchase them! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Does not look like it. We’ve had no luck tracking down who to even ask about merchandise rights.

Tyler K.
I’ve got a couple of questions to ask today First have you ever considered doing a marvel tigra Minimate?
Second when are the pathfinder Minimates coming? I have seen the conceptual designs and they look wonderful.
Thirdly do you plan on releasing the aim soldiers again?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve discussed Tigra recently. Pathfinder ‘mates are still under development. I know there has been some talk about releasing more past army builders but it’s not in the works at this time.

Stacie S.
Hi! Our 6 year old son is an AVID Minimates collector. He plays with his daily instead of displaying them. The existing Minimates cases are not built to withstand the havoc that is a 6 year old so after a lot of trial and error (and purchases) we’re currently using a fishing tackle box but he is outgrowing it quickly. We would love to see a more sturdy storage option with younger collectors in mind. Also a smaller travel version would be FANTASTIC (since he always wants to take them along and therefore my purse ends up FULL of Minimates). A plastic case similar to the one he has for Matchbox cars would be great or even a tackle box like case tailored especially to Minimates. We’ve also used the smaller plastic divided cases from Plano for small pieces, etc. It is essential to us to have storage for all of the small accessories/extra pieces. Also is there somewhere to purchase replacement/spare Minimates parts (especially hands)? That would be helpful in saving my sanity (I am guilty of using super glue at times). THANKS!!!!!!!

DSTChuck: Interesting idea. I do think we are guilty of not thinking about the 6 year old and younger collector when we came up with the case. Something like Matchbox makes would be expensive to develop but might not be a bad idea.

Robert P.
Hey Chuck and the DST Crew,
I just wanted to drop a few Minimates requests and hear what you’re thinking on ‘em.
Feel free to rapid fire your answers. Riker & Q, Data & Lore, Worf & Gowron, Mojo & Spiral, Banshee & Proteus.

DSTChuck: Maybe on the Trek if we do another legacy wave. Best shot of the Marvel list is Banshee I think.

Bernie M.
I really like the Minimates lines. I keep hearing that the Aliens line is going to be made. Any chance of a Minimates APC and dropship?
One other question any more vehicles coming out Thank you

DSTChuck: I think Aliens Minimates ships would be POSSIBLE.

John H.
Hello, I was wondering if you guys have thought about the idea, of possibly, maybe, just maybe making some Minimates based on Shonen Jump? I mean you can’t say you haven’t gotten any requests for Dragon Ball Z. Not to mention with J-Stars Victory Vs. you could get a wide range of characters to promote the game. Cross over fighting games are the best. I think your MvC3 (hopefully enough for you to make more Mega Man characters) line did very well. Too bad you can’t do Injustice. Is Godzilla an option? He’s awesome! and he has a movie coming out soon. If you are really truly unable to arrange these thing, can we at least get a new version of Wasp? I really like the Modern Wasp look. But she needs a shrunken down version as well. So to sum this all up, Shonen Jump, Mega Man, Godzilla, a new version of Wasp. can you please at least make one happen?

DSTChuck: No plans right now for, Shonen Jump, Mega Man or DBZ, sorry. Not sure how we’d do a mini Minimates Wasp but that would be fun.

Robin D.
Is There Any Chance Of Minimates Based On The Sandman Vertigo Comic Series?
And Also Just Wondering If Tarot Witch of the Blk Rose Minimates Box Set With Raven Hex Is Going To Be Released Or If It Already Is?

DSTChuck: We have no rights to anything in the DC Universe and not sure I see that changing anytime soon. Not sure if we’ve considered a full set of Tarot Minimates but I suppose it’s possible.

Zombie Shakespear
If the upcoming Skybound minimates do well, would this open up the possibility for other Image properties (I’d love to see Chew, Saga, and Lil’ Depressed Boy)? Or are you guys somehow restricted to the Kirkman corner of Image?

DSTChuck: The deal we have is just with Skybound, not with Image, so one would not necessarily lead to the other.

Steven P.
First off I love Minimate and have been collecting since I stumbled upon the Bruce Lee Brave Little Dragon in a Sam Goody store. I was wondering if there were any plans for MInimates for The Expendables 3? There are many great action icons that have been added to the cast and I know that people would love to have them as Minimates. I am also very excited about the deal with Miramax that is bringing us Pulp Fiction, Sin City, and View Askew Minimates and I was hoping that maybe we could also get Desperado Minimates? Thanks.

DSTChuck: As of now no plans for Expendables 3. I think if they could clear more actor rights for action figures more Minimates would be something we’d be very interested in. Desperado is not included in our Miramax contract.

Matt S.
I love the line-up in the new forthcoming Marvel Series 54! One question: Is there a possibility of getting a classic Falcon sometime soon? Y’know, this one.
Thank you

DSTChuck: I don’t know about soon, but for sure we’d like to do that version at some point.

Justin B.
With the resurgence of Ghostbusters Minimates on the horizon (new builds it looks like with removable packs) is there any interest in going beyond the up and coming 4-pack? Some missed opportunities from the movie line like Ghost Nanny Janosz (or cartoon line like the PeopleBusters), or trying something different like the ongoing Comic seres from IDW in Dan Schoening’s style?
Another Aykroyd property I would love to see would be a Blues Brother 2-pack with the Bluesmobile. I’m not asking you to make it, I’m just putting the idea out there that it would be a neat one-off.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.

DSTChuck: I think we’re pretty done with GhostBusters, BUT every time I say that they pull me back in… we’ll see. As for Blues Brothers its one of my favorite movies of all time, so never say never.

Sam F.
Any chance of picking up the RWBY license, and giving us Femme Fatales and/or Minimates? Maybe the previous Halo license will give you a place to start talks.

DSTChuck: I don’t think there have been any discussions about that property yet. Sorry.

A. Mous
Hey Chuck. Delicate question. Sin City Nancy Callahan. I assume the license if for the comics and not the film(s?) which means no Jessica Alba cowgirl bikini likeness. Which means the comic version, which means… first topless Minimate?

DSTChuck: Our license is film-based, not comic, and no we’d never make a topless Minimate.

Jay S.
Will we see more Resident Evil minimates? The Chris, Jill & Wesker minimates from Marvel vs Capcom 3 were great and I’d love to see more!

DSTChuck: RE has been considered but we’ve never pulled the trigger on it for one reason or another – never say never I suppose.

Matthew K.
Howdy do mini creating folks.
I have a lil wish list of characters I’d like to see made, sometime in the future series of Minimates. I’m sure you’ve been getting hit up to make the original brotherhood of evil mutants (Mastermind, toad, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch). I’d also like to see Blob and Unus, a first appearance Magneto and the Vanisher and Avalanche and Pyro. I like that more villains are being produced. Could the Wrecking Crew get some love? I think for now to round out my wish list it be cool to see a redo civilian Wolverine and a civilian Sabertooth (the early years where sabertooth killed silver fox).

DSTChuck: X-Men are always considered and while I think there is little chance we’d do a Wrecking Crew box set I don’t see any reason they would not turn up in two packs at some point.

Guilherme G.
Hi! I’m a huge fan of your work since the Marvel series 1. Please keep doing the excellent job! I had just 2 questions for you guys:
1- Any Chance to see a Boxset based in the classic Cable – Blood & Metal mini-series? A new Cable and the Six Pack members would be very welcome in the Minimates Collection!
2 – With the new “small body” used in the Thundercats line, any chance to see it in the other lines too? And about the 2.5″ or even the 3″? They can not be used again for some bigger characters?
Thank you for your time!

DSTChuck: Wow, man – thanks for sticking around! I do not think we would look at that specific box set, sorry. But a new Cable is always possible. Nope MM are pretty much going to stay one size with some variation based on different part use but aside from that it’s not a scaled line.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck,
When can we expect to see more comic-based Thor supporting characters in Minimate form? Now that Wave 54 is filling in some holes for Captain America’s supporting cast, we need more classic characters from Thor! Comic versions of The Warriors Three and Heimdall are long overdue, and it would be nice to get more Thor villains, ie: Enchantress, Hela, Executioner, Surtur, Ulik, Mangog, etc, etc. Of all the major Marvel characters, Thor’s roster is by far the most lacking in unique characters.
Thanks for your time

DSTChuck: We did a good bit of comic based Thor for the first movie and the timing did not work for the second movie but I think with the two Thor movies and Avengers, Thor has moved up on our list, so time will tell.

Chris A.
How come you guys keep pushing back the release dates for your Minimates? It’s very frustrating.

DSTChuck: There are various reasons for delay and some are in our control and some are not. It’s not something we want to do. We take a good bit of time planning a year in advance what our releases will be but sometimes it does not work out that way and for that we’re sorry.

Joe D.
Lots of awesome Minimates coming up. All the way through 2014.
1) A few months back, you seemed open to the idea of Squadron Supreme minimates. What are their chances now?
2) I’m thankful that you’ve always made Spiderman and his Villains. How do you find the Superior Foes of Spider-Man cast in a boxed set? Boomerang, Beetle, Speed Demon would all be new and we could get an updated Shocker or Chameleon from it. (TRU exclusives could be classic Boomerang and Beetle)
3) Classic X-men gets lot of love, but how about the Classic Avengers? Tigra, Mockingbird, StarFox and Quasar spring to mind.
4) New Warriors Boxed Set anyone? Night Thrasher, Nova (in classic duds or red suit), updated Firestar, Speedball, Namorita, Marvel Boy are enough for a boxed set and one exclusive pair.
5) I’m still bummed classic Madrox didn’t win in the poll you posted months back. Is he still on your radar? Maybe in a Peter David X-Force wave? (Havok, Polaris, Madrox, Wolfsbane, Strong Guy and Quicksilver).
Thanks! By the way, visited your booth at SDCC. Managed to snag a whole bunch of minimates. Got to meet both you and Zach Oat. It was awesome!

DSTChuck: 1) Not not open to it, just not in the plans right now. All of 2014 is not locked yet, but there will not be a box set – those are set.
2) I think honestly on those we’ll take a wait and see. If the line is still going strong this time next year 2015 is very possible.
3) Never really looked there for a full line. Funny, with all the X-Men and Spidey love we give I still get tons of questions about doing MORE.
4) Have never really thought about that one, sorry.
5) Just because a character does not win a poll does not mean we won’t do it down the line.
Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to do so at any show, Zach and I are at most of them, or say hi on Facebook.

Enrique F.
I’ve been a collector of Minimates since it’s initial wave of figures in the C3 line of building blocks and then onto the standard 2 pack versions. I always love the fact that you can cram, years and years of history of a character in a 2 inch blocky form. I always wondered however, why did you never release playsets? There is a company out there that has made playset scenes using cardboard, and all you’d have to do is fold them. I would love to have backgrounds perhaps packaged with the 4 packs, or possibly a 10 pack (would add extra bang for the buck for the collector)
1) Sentinels. I know they are expensive to make, especially if the demand isn’t as great…however, I for sure know that the true collector would go nuts for a new Sentinel statue. Maybe articulated this time, with a different paint scheme (that way the people who bought the original and is sitting on an almost $400. statue wont complain and huff)
2) I think it also safe to say that collectors would love an exclusive online store, or maybe figure subscription service where monthly, a new figure can be released. This would be an awesome way to complete an entire team, or build on the existing Marvel family. I for one would love more X-men, Power Pack, Franklin Richards…hell Id even love a Stan Lee minimate.

DSTChuck: Hey two old times in one Q&A –cool! Man we would LOVE to do playsets, we even tried pitching out some cardboard ones but we’ve never been able to drum up enough business to make it happen. We’ll try again at some point I am sure.
We are no longer making resin for Marvel and back when we did the first one we were told specifically they could not be articulated. To be 100% honest I thought they were a GREAT idea and a perfect get around for the limitations we had. However the sales were very poor as was fan response. I’d like to try again but not sure how feasible it is.
I think at one time there was a chance our web store might go in that direction and make a club, but I don’t think that’s as likely today. We’d like to get it updated and remodeled as just a place for folks to go if they have no alternative…but never say never.

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