Ask DST #220 – Minimates Ahoy!

Art Asylum has posted another Q & A session and this time they have Minimates on their minds. Read on to see what they have planned.

It’s a big Q&A about little Minimates! Diamond Select Toys director DSTChuck gives his take on your Minimate ideas, from Marvel to Walking Dead to all sorts of properties! Read on, and submit your own question at the top of the homepage!

Felix M.
Hello DST, with the popularity of DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us video game being a top seller two months in a row, will it get the same minimates treatment as the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series? Hopefully it will include the DLC characters as well. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Still nothing in the works to bring the DC family back in the Minimates fold. Sorry.

Dave M.
As a long time minimate uber fan, I want to say my favorite thing you’ve done recently was the Jean DeWolf series from a little while back. Any chance of more Marvel themed storyline waves from the 80s or 90s? I know any Infinity Trilogy wave would go well with Marvel’s movie fans (Personally I need me more Infinity Watch members.) and an X-Cutioner’s Song wave would fill many a gap in our X-Men collection. (Please make me a Stryfe asap, I’ll buy at least 3!)

DSTChuck: Dave, I have to be honest, putting that series together was a ton of fun. Sales were pretty lukewarm, but I think I’d like to do more of that going forward if I can. It is tricky though, to come up with something that is unique enough, as well as popular with the fans, and can be kept in a tight series so nothing too major is left out.

Joe M.
Loving the Minimates! I was looking around the other day and noticed that there are plenty of characters with tons of versions of Minimates, but there are only three Gambits. I love the Gambit figures in the Select line, and I was wondering if we might get to see a bit more Gambit love in the Minimates soon?

DSTChuck: Joe, I had not noticed that we have only done three Gambits but X-Men is a place we look at constantly for ideas so I’m sure we’ll get to another Gambit soon.

Logan H.
Are you making Hicks, Hudson and at least one of the smart-gunners?!!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re ready to roll out the plans for the Alien franchise yet but I would expect you will see more at the next couple conventions heading into the 35th anniversary of Alien. Hicks and Hudson are pretty safe bets, though.

Sam F.
I asked this before, and you said ‘possibly’. Marvel Manga-verse Minimates. Any closer to getting some now? Specifically Spidey, MJ and Black Cat?:)
DSTChuck: I don’t see that in our immediate plans, sorry.

Tara L.
1) I know the series is long over, but I was wondering if you guys could possibly take the idea of Harry Potter minimates in consideration? I would love to have Harry, Ron, and Hermione Granger in Minimate form!

2) Can we please get an updated Magik (Illyana Rasputin) and Namor minimate? Maybe in their Phoenix Five or Marvel NOW! costumes?

DSTChuck: While Harry Potter is a fantastic franchise I am sorry to say we have no plans right now to go after that license. Right now, no plans for an updated Magik & Namor, but certainly it’s possible in the future.

Desiree A.
Is there any chance we could get minor X-Men characters such as Sage/Tessa, Cassandra Nova, Cecelia Reyes, Danger, Pixie, Armor, and Stepford Cuckoos?

DSTChuck: Sorry, but none of those are in the plans at the moment. But never say never.

Jane S.
Can we possibly get minimates from popular culture? Like some famous musicians? (Example: Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, Adele, Cher.)

DSTChuck: Sorry Jane, at this time we have no plans to go in that direction with the line.

Matt S.
I don’t know if I’ve asked this before or just really meant to but never gotten around to it. Either way… Remember that unreleased 4-pack “Navy” builder set for the Calico Jack line? Remember that fantastic skeleton? Is there any way we could get that guy released as a part of ANY series? I’m talkin’ without the accessories he was originally gonna come with. Just the regular ol’ skeleton. No frills. I’m achin’ to army build that guy and because it’s so utterly un-copyrighted, it could go with virtually ANY line. Please don’t break my heart. Give me hope.

DSTChuck: Matt, as much as I’d love to, I’m not sure what line we could fit that in. I suppose if something were to make sense we’d of course add it to the line. Our deepest hope is that we find a way to jumpstart the Calico Jack line and get all of those cool figures that were designed into stores.

I am excited about the upcoming Invincible minimate box set. Will we see more minimates from this universe such as members of the Guardians of the Globe? What about The Tick in minimate form? Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or Astro City minimates since a new ongoing comic has just started? I also have to ask, with the Walking Dead minimates, why is Toys R Us getting all the love with Glenn? They have received 2 versions of him, while comic shops have none. Toys R Us minimates are always alot harder for me to find. The closest store is 30 miles away and their website never seems to have their exclusive ones available to order from their website even right after they are released. So please put a version of Glenn in the comic shop series 5. Thank you for your time & good day!

DSTChuck: I think for now it’s just Thief of Thieves and Invincible for SkyBound but we’re going to keep our eyes open to how they sell. Right now no plans for Tick, Astro City or TMNT. Sorry you have not been able to get a Glenn figure. I think it’s more of a coincidence than some plan to make Glenn figures only for TRU.

Jordan R.
Hey DST,
First off let me say i Love the minimates Lines they really are something to be proud of and you always find new ways to impress me!
Now for my questions any change we will see a new Bulked up Beast this year or in the future?
Also have you thought about making Popular characters Such as Spider-Man some more Accessories, For Example: A Web blast (like Iceman’s Ice-blast) a Web Net.. and lastly i would love to see some more characters like how you made Ben Grimm and Bruce Banner.:)Thanks for the time. Keep up the Awesome Work

DSTChuck: So glad you like the line, it’s been loads of fun to work on these last ten years. Right now no new Beast is planed but with the new movie in 2014 I’m sure we’ll be looking at X-Men comic stuff. I think we’ve given Spidey several accessories over the years, not sure if we’ve thought about a web blast, but that’s a cool idea.

Chris G.
Long time reader, frequent questioner. Any chance of some more members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in minimate form? I’m thinking Toad, Pyro and Avalanche! Also, what’s the likeihood of getting a comic book Blob minimate?
In short, bring on the bad guys!

DSTChuck: We have not planned out all of 2014, and I would think X-Men would be a direction we’d look in, as usual.

Hello there Chuck! I hope you’re doing well, buddy! I have some questions about Marvel MiniMates for you.
1. Do you have any plans to make Kaine (SpiderMan Clone) as a MiniMate?
2. Any plans for Harry Osborn/Green Goblin or Harry Osborn/American Son as a MiniMate?
3. Any possibilities for an updated Doctor Octopus for when he returned in Amazing SpiderMan #600 before he became Superior SpiderMan?

DSTChuck: Hey Joshua, how is it going?
1. Not right now but 2014 is not set and that’s a character we’d at least look at.
2. Same as #1 but maybe a little less of a chance than Kaine.
3. I don’t think so, but with the Spider-Man family you can’t rule anything out.

Benjamin H.
Now that you guys are making Minimates based on Marvel Zombies again, are we going to see a Minimate figure based on Zombie Thor anytime soon?

DSTChuck: We have no plans to make any products based on Zombie heroes – just bad guys.

Herv H.
Hi DST, I would like to know if there are any plans on making new Minimates based on American McGee’s games?

DSTChuck: We have not talked with American about anything new since the Alice stuff, and they did not want Minimates done for that, aside from the one shot Alice figure we did.

Ross N.
Was very excited to see all the new reveals at SDCC but was saddened by the lack of mutants represented. Will we be seeing some mutants NOW! coming up in the next year? I particularly am hoping for havok, cyclops, and psylocke

DSTChuck: Ross, lots of questions about the NOW! Stuff, so we’ll have to take a good look at doing more in 2014 as long as fans continue to respond to the comics.

Brynn H.
Do you think you guys would make one set of walking dead minimates from the tv show, because i think almost EVERYONE who buys walking dead minimates wants a Daryl and Merle,think we could get this?

DSTChuck: Sorry, Daryl and Merle are super cool, but we have no plans to do anything with the TV show.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck,
Congrats on another successful showing at SDCC! As always, the new Minimates are the highlight of the Comic-con for me, and I was really pleased with the Thor: The Dark World Minimates. I’m really looking forward to the movie, and this line looks great!
Unfortunately, I just learned that Toys R Us won’t be offering an exclusive wave, which means the planned exclusive Minimates are in limbo. Is there any chance we could see the Minimates that were supposed to be at TRU show up in a Specialty boxset or as an exclusive for another retailer? These would be a great exclusive to have at New York Comic Con in October, just in time for the premiere of the movie in November! We got to see the amazing designs for Fandral and Hogun from the first Thor movie even though they were never produced, so isn’t it time for Minimate fans to finally add the film version of the Warriors Three to their collection?
Thanks for your time

DSTChuck: That is correct, TRU has passed on the Thor movie Minimates. I’m honestly not sure how far any of the figures we had intended for them went in development. While it’s always possible we could release a box set, most times with the movies we look at more of a one release and done approach. The last couple times we’ve done exclusive for NYCC they have not done that well, I think we’ll keep trying from time to time but nothing major is planned right now.

Joe M.
Hey there. SDCC just wrapped, and DST had a lot of great Minimates on display. The Thor 2 Minimates all looked incredible, but I was disappointed to not see Hogun and Fandral, the remaining members of the Warriors Three that were also sadly lacking from the Thor 1 line. Any chance we’ll be seeing these two released?

DSTChuck: Joe, with TRU passing on the line I think all you will see is the one wave for specialty stores.

Marcelo C.
Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s recent Invincible Iron Man series debuted some amazing new armor designs, namely the ‘black’ armor worn by James Rhodes and Stark’s own suit upon his escape from Mandarin City– and that’s not even mentioning the upgrades on the old familiar Iron Man villains such as Titanium Man, Living Laser etc —- QUESTION: Any chance of seeing any of those new designs in Minimate form? Thanks and keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: Marcelo, those are some sweet designs for sure. You might see them as a Minimate or even a Select figure, but we’re just not sure yet.

Joshua H.
Hi Chuck. As always, thanks for your time with these. I wanted to skip my normal pleading for a Squirrel Girl Minimate and ask a question about Thor 2 Minimates. You guys had a great showing of new product at SDCC, but it was very disappointing to see the offerings for Thor 2. If I understand it correctly, TRU decided to pass on this series leaving much overlooked characters like 2/3 of the Warriors Three still unmade in Minimate form. Are there any plans to change the current line-up to include some of the characters from the TRU wave instead of some of the more civilian looking characters? Or possibly an exclusive boxset offered somewhere? It’s hard to think Hogun and Fandral miss out again while Selvig gets another figure. I know it wasn’t part of DSTs release plan for this to happen, but I’m curious to see how you guys plan to make the most of the situation. Again, thanks.-Joshua
PS, I heard mention that someone at the SDCC panel asked about a Squirrel Girl Minimate. Just so you know, I had nothing to do with that, but fully support their asking.

DSTChuck: Squirrel Girl??? I think sadly it’s too late to change the line up for Thor 2. Seems that line is a little cursed. We had a book chain online last time for some exclusives, but when that did not happen, Series 1 ended up missing a couple characters fans would have wanted.

Thom W.
I know that Minimates were available in stores like Target previously but that was years ago. Any chance you could seduce them with a Best of Wave or at least a four pack similar to the Disney Stores?

DSTChuck: Thom, we show to the Target sales rep every February at Toy Fair and so far we have not been able to get together on a purchase order – but never say never, we keep trying!

Jordan R.
I was wondering since it is superior spider man month. Could you guys make a series or pack with spider man’s new costume, scarlet spider (Kaine) and others. Please reply and thank you.

DSTChuck: Spider-Man? Never heard of him.

Matthew M.
I was wondering if you have looked into the possibility of making a line of Mad Max minimates considering the new film and video game on the way. It has good cult following and very diverse characters from past films and neat designs to work with. Please make it happen.

DSTChuck: Matthew, that is a license we have asked about and so far we have not been able to work anything out, but we’ll keep talking.

Mike P.
Hello DST,
My name is Mike. I have been collecting minimates for some time now. I have enjoyed all the new ideas and concepts for the Marvel Minimates. I had an idea for a new series of minimates. I think that you should make Power Rangers Minimates starting with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This would be a good idea considering this year is the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers. I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this idea so please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Hey Mike! Thanks for being part of the team! Power Rangers could be pretty cool but I don’t think it’s in the plans right now. I hope you like what we have planned for next year; we’re thinking it’s going to be a big year.