Artist of the Week: Amy Reeder

This week was a little tough to think of an Artist to highlight, and at one point, I even considered using the feature to highlight the Frank Cho controversy that sprung up on the Internet. Then I remembered the fantastic series by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclaire, Rocketgirl. Then I remembered her work on Batwoman, which made the absence of J.H. Williams III easier to take in the early days of the title. Amy Reeder is especially open about her process, between her Tumblr, the initial source for all of the images in the gallery, and her podcast with Brandon Montclaire, Podcorn. Just check out the gallery below.

Amy is one of those artists that shares the process that goes into creating art, and not just what happens on paper and on the computer. With the podcast she also shares both the joy and the frustration of creating comics, but mostly the joy. That love also comes through in the artwork. I also seldom see an artist embrace perspective the way that she does. If you want to see more check out her pages on Tumblr and Facebook, and if you’re interested in buying original artwork, head over to Essential Sequential.

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