Our Favorite People Bring You Archie Meets Ramones In October

Archie Meets Ramones is at first glance another Archie crossover that feels unlikely and a little forced like crossovers with Predator and Sharknado. This one has some of our favorite people on the creative team and looks so promising, if for no other reason than the musical history Archie has in the comics, even though it does seem miles away from the Ramones. Co-written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Gisèle Lagacé, the comic looks worthy of at the very least giving a try. If it were being put together by a standard Archie creative team from four or five years ago, we would probably not even mention it, but those names connect to it make it worth checking out.

Here’s the full press release from Archie Comics, although we have (hopefully) corrected the accent marks in Gisèle Lagacé’s name.

Rock out in October when ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES with Alex Segura, Matthew Rosenberg, and Gisèle Lagacé!

Legendary punk group to meet fan-favorite characters in epic time-traveling adventure this October.

ArchieRamones#1Archie. Jughead. Betty & Veronica. Reggie. The Archies.

Joey. Tommy. Johnny. Dee Dee. Ramones.

The next must-read crossover from Archie Comics debuts in October as The Archies find themselves stuck in 1970s New York City — and face to face with the Ramones!

The oversized one-shot issue debuts on October 5th from the best-selling creative team of co-writers Alex Segura (ARCHIE MEETS KISS) and Matthew Rosenberg (We Can Never Go Home) with jaw-dropping art by Gisèle Lagacé (“Occupy Riverdale”) and colorist Shouri and variant covers from Veronica Fish, Francesco Francavilla, and Dan Parent!

No stranger to musical crossover comics, co-writer Alex Segura’s passion for music and comic books made writing ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES a no-brainer, “My comic fandom always ran parallel to an obsession with music, so having the chance to merge them for this project has been amazing. Not only are Matt and Gisèle amazing collaborators – they’re wonderful people and friends. This is the project we’ve been waiting years to do, and I hope it makes Archie and Ramones fans happy.”

“When I was growing up Archie ignited my lifelong love for comics and Ramones are what made me fall in love with punk. As an adult, it’s a dream come true to be able to smash these two things together,” added co-writer Matthew Rosenberg.

As both a musician and comic artist, Gisèle Lagacé calls getting to draw ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES a dream project come true. “I’m giving this my all, Ramones style, to make sure fans of both Archie and Ramones dig the results.”

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