Archie #10 – Review

I know you guys must get tired of me reviewing Archie comics, but they’ve been hitting a lot of home runs in the past year. The cornerstone of their revitalized catalog is Archie, written by legendary comics writer Mark Waid. The latest issue hit stores this week and after reading it, I had to share my thoughts.

archie10ARCHIE #10

Script: Mark Waid
Art: Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jen Vaughn, Jack Morelli
Archie #10 CVR A Reg: Veronica Fish
Archie #10 CVR B Variant: Elliot Fernandez
Archie #10 CVR C Variant: Sandy Jarrell, Kelly Fitzpatrick
On Sale Date: 7/27
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

IT’S TEAM ARCHIE VS. TEAM BETTY! A civil war has broken out in Riverdale—friends against friends, parents against parents, with the entire town torn down the middle by an event that forces everyone to take sides! No joke—the events of this issue will impact Archie and his pals for some time to come!


The past couple of issues have seemed a little off the usual quality, even story-wise, but it looks like that is over. Mark Waid’s story progresses the world of Riverdale nicely. We introduced to a teacher named Mr. Collier and see how Archie’s troubles with him affect the world around him and Archie’s efforts to remedy a bad situation just fall flat, because, well, he’s Archie. I like this Archie because he is so flawed, yet charmingly so. Veronica’s efforts are due to her affection for Archie, which is nice to see, and it helps round out her character. Mr. Collier’s troubles are not entirely caused by their actions, but by a long legacy that he has built as a teacher. This story is nuanced, which is refreshing, especially in an Archie comic.

The art by Veronica Fish is excellent. There are some very detailed scenes that not only establish the environment, but help tell the story in a way that only cartooning can. She takes us through Mr. Collier’s life at Riverdale and into the head of Betty Cooper. This is issue is a great example of how a comic story can be told not only with words, but with pictures. It’s something that’s been missing in my reading for a long time.

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