Alex Ross Exhibit: How Did I Miss This Happening?

My wife suggested a family adventure to Greenville, SC to see the Alex Ross exhibit at the Upcountry History Museum. I had no idea that it was going on. My only request for my day off was to visit a comic shop. She found this and asked if I’d be interested. Yeah, I was interested.

Superheroes and Superstars, The Work of Alex Ross showcases over 100 pieces of artwork, including early work from his childhood and adolescence. It also features some Beatles artwork he’s done, including the process drawings for the final, massive Magic Mystery Tour illustration. Of course, there’s no photography allowed in the exhibit, but it’s worth going to for fans of Alex Ross. You realize going through it that the body of work Alex Ross has created could fill an entire museum. That’s why it’s a good thing that there are so many galleries with exhibits of his work.

However, this one was within driving distance for me. I packed up the kids and took them to see some comic book art. My wife was astounded by the way Ross doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, making the fantastic seem perfectly real. I was amazed to see work I wasn’t yet familiar with in the exhibit, including some Star Wars/DC Comics covers for a project that never happened. I really liked showing my five year-old daughter drawings Alex SRoss did when he wasn’t much older than her. Of course, you’ve probably seen these before, but they are definitely the drawings of a young child, and the journey from there to today is well documented in this exhibit, feturing art from his teen years and very early illustrations that he did.

The exhibit is great for sharing a love of great comic art. There’s enough there to make the drive worth it, and the really fine comic shops in the area make for a more well-rounded trip. The exhibit runs through June 3, 2018. That means if you want to catch it, you need to act right away. It is a great trip for kids as well as adult fans of Ross’s work.