2014’s Top 10 Toy/Collectible Reviews

All of us here at Needless Essentials Online have reviewed a lot of toys, art books, trinkets and other collectibles this past year so here’s a top 10 list of items that have been reviewed this past year. The links to the main reviews are posted for each entry in case you missed them the first time or just to take a walk down memory lane. It should be noted these are in no particular order.


Marvel Select Falcon

This is the second Marvel Select figure I’ve bought and I really liked the detailing on Falcon.

Marvel Select Falcon Title


G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention 2014 Eco Striker
I am a sucker for the AWE Striker mold and getting an updated ECO Striker using all the new parts from the Retaliation mold was a must buy for me.

Eco Striker 12 Title


DC Comics Multiverse Superman

This figure may not have the absolute best in articulation, but I love the sculpt.

DC Multiverse Superman 10 Title


Aliens Minimates Dump Case Review

Awesome tiny Aliens mixed with fun dio pics, what more needs to be said?

Aliens Minimates 34 Title


Reaction Figures Alien Toyline

It took 35 years, but we finally got the cancelled, Kenner sculpted Alien action figures that were supposed to come out in 1979. This is toy history being sold at retail stores in 2014.

Reaction Alien Title


Transformers Generations Autobot Cosmos with Payload Review

I really liked the figure, but also liked seeing him in space backgrounds

Generations Cosmos 15 Title



TMNT Minimate Blind Bags Review

The TMNT Minimates are wonderfully sculpted and full of fun, plus awesome dio scenes with a number of playsets from other toy lines

TMNT Minimate 26 Title

TMNT Minimates Pt 2 LCS & TRU Review

TMNT TRU Minimate 22 Title



Reaction Figures Alien with Metallic Flesh Review

The great Kenner sculpted Alien from the 1979 series, now with a 1979 Giant Alien paint job! This one even surpasses the first version.

Metallic Alien 13 Title



Minimates Marvel Deadly Foes of Spider-Man

This Luke’s Toy Store Exclusive was already a great set full of wonderful Minimates, but then Luke’s tossed in a few awesome bonus bits and made it a must buy (multiples of) Minimate set in 2014

Deadly Foes Spiderman 22 Title


Transformers Legacy Art Book Review

This is by far my favorite item this year. As a lover of both toys and artwork, having a book filled to the brim with high quality packaging artwork from both US & Japanese Transformers along with the early toylines that made the Transformers line up was exactly what I have been wanting since rediscovering Transformers in the late 90’s.

Transformers Legacy 11 Title




Reused Molds: Batman The Dark Knight Collection

While not really a review, it is showcasing a toyline and shows how often/creatively toy companies reuse the molds that make our toys.

Batman DKC Product Cardback 02



And that’s the end of our list, I hope you enjoyed these reviews and maybe a few of your favorites made the list. You can see all of our Toy/Collectible reviews on their own page HERE